First landing site (Apollo 11) fallen flag found?

The problem is this: is there any evidence of where the Apollo 11 flag fell?  This was the first Apollo landing site and the astronauts did not place the flag pole sufficiently into the lunar surface so that upon take-off, one astronaut reported that it fell over.

Looking at the LRO images of the Apollo 11 site, the only one that seems to show something in the location of the flag.

This snippet of the site shows a bright spot near where the flag should be.
This was taken when the Sun was 8.77 degrees from directly above and the LRO imaging spacecraft was directly overhead. This means you would get the best reflection off a surface lying flat. No other LRO Apollo 11 site image shows anything I can see as a cast shadow or dot of the flag.

To better understand the layout of the site, here is a map from the Apollo 11 preliminary science report.

The below picture is from a link of an astronaut photograph taken from the LEM in the direction of the flag.

Discovery made on August 20, 2011 as documented in MoonZoo.

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